Y - Print by Lisa Ann Auerbach


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Lisa Anne Auerbach

I visited a friend in Palermo a few years back and was smitten by minty-green Fiat Pandas. It’s a car color that doesn’t exist in the U.S. and it’s close to the color of my bicycle, which perhaps I was homesick for.

The Fiat Panda is a cleanly designed jewelbox of a car. It’s utilitarian and very popular. It looks a bit like the VW Rabbit. Not too many rounded corners; the Panda is no-nonsense and svelte. It can be seen in a variety of colors, but I only photographed the greenish ones. The letter Y looks like a split in the road. The Pandas are spilling and tumbling in traffic.

I’ve been to Italy three times in the last three years, and during each visit I photographed every pistachio Panda I saw.  Each Panda in this letter is a photograph of a different car. Owners customize their Pandas. Some have racks or stickers or tinted windows or custom upholstery. I took pictures of Pandas in Palermo, Rome, Turin, and Naples. The only town I visited that had no Pandas was Bologna. It’s just not a Panda kind of place.

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