S - Print by Jon Sueda


 Jon Sueda

This letterform aims to find the overlap between different forms of writing, specifically typography, calligraphy, and graffiti. That said, this letterform is not influenced by the formal aspects of graffiti, but more the concept of tagging. Upon receiving this commission, I selected “S,” the first initial of my studio’s name and my last name, and created a letter that would be my contribution to this alphabet but double as a typographic “mark” for my studio. The form and stroke order of the letter is based on a foundational calligraphic hand and will be extended into a complete typeface.

Jon Sueda is the founder of Stripe, a graphic design studio in San Francisco that focuses on print, identity, and exhibition design. He is the co-editor of Task Newsletter, and Assistant Professor in the Graphic Design Program at the California College of the Arts (CCA).



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