O - Print by Adigard



Erik Adigard

"Deconstruction is a condition of our times in which bits and bytes are translating all things into mere representations. In this virtual expansion of the Universe, the upper case “O” has been codified as “01001111” to then be distributed ad infinitum. Without context, like bits of binary code, letters are meaningless, however, one letter echoes universal meanings. Beyond multiple cultural interpretations, its form defines a formal absolute, it is omnipresent in the microcosm and the macrocosm, and it demarks the duality between inner space and outer space. In that way this letter always stands as something greater than itself. The QR tag is only encoded data, but it physically stands for a form and its specificity. Through different constructs, both tag and form are abstract markers of the same symbol and its precise meaning, the former being read by machines and the latter by humans."



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